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In order to obtain an SIA licence you will need to show that you are trained to the right level and you have relevant qualifications. To get door supervision licence you will need to attend a four part training course and pass four exams. The course may be delivered in 6 days (Minimum 44 hrs Class is required by SIA for this course- without completion of 44 hrs your certificate may be invalidated). We run this course every week and at the end of the course, there will be an examination. Please check our forthcoming course date in the website or call us for the exact course starting date.


How long is the training course?

It has been designed to be completed in 6 Days.

Course assessment:

Assessment method: Multiple choice examination & Observation.

Total cost:

Our special early booking price in London £229.99 or Pay £249.99 on the course start day (Inclusive of Registration fees, exam fee, no other charges).

Door supervision course consists of the following Units

Unit 1: Principles of working in the private security industry

Chapter 1: Know the main characteristics of the Private Security Industry
Chapter 2: Know the main characteristics and purposes of the private security industry
Chapter 3: Understand arrest procedures relevant to security operatives
Chapter 4: Understand the importance of safe working practice
Chapter 5: Understand fire procedures in the workplace
All other Chapter : Understand emergencies and the importance of emergency procedures and communications, role and responsibilities, Understanding the thereat, dealing with vulnerable people and post incident management


Unit 2- Principles of working as a door supervisor in the private security industry

Chapter 1: Understand crimes relevant to door supervision.
Chapter 2: Know how to conduct effective search procedures.
Chapter 3: Understand drug-misuse legislation, issues and procedures relevant to the role of a door supervisor
Chapter 4: Understand preservation of evidence relevant to the role of a door supervisor.
Chapter 5: Understand licensing law relevant to the role of a door supervisor.
Chapter 6: Understand queue management and venue capacity responsibilities relevant to a door supervisor
Chapter 7: Know how to use equipment relevant to a door supervisor.

Unit 3 – Application of conflict management in the private security industry

Chapter 1: Understand the principles of conflict management appropriate to the role
Chapter 2: Understand how to recognise, assess and reduce risk in conflict situations
Chapter 3: Understand the use of problem-solving techniques when resolving conflict
Chapter 4: Be able to communicate to de-escalate conflict

Unit 4 – Application of physical intervention skills in the private security industry 

  • Chapter 1: Understand physical interventions and the implications of their use
  • Chapter 2: Understand the risks associated with using physical intervention
  • Chapter 3: Understand how to reduce the risks associated with physical intervention
  • Chapter 4: Be able to use physical skills to protect yourself and others
  • Chapter 5: Be able to use non-pain compliant standing, holding and escorting techniques

Frequently Asked Questions About This Course

Alternatively, you also can walk into our office to book your course. All reading and exam materials will be provided upon completion of bookings. We could also come to you to if you have sufficent delegates.


You will be required to bring Identification documents such as Passport or drivers licence and proof of address (utility bill or bank statement) etc along with 1 passport size photographs.

For RESULT and CERTIFICATE query, please call us on weekends (Saturday and Sunday).

Please check our FAQ Section or call us for further explanations, our dedicated customer service team will be happy to assist you.

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